Pregnant Teen Thrown From Vehicle In Crash

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MEHOOPANY TOWNSHIP --A teenager is recovering after being thrown from the truck she was riding in Monday morning in Wyoming County.

The 15-year-old crash victim is also pregnant.

The three-vehicle crash happened in Wyoming County around 8:00 a.m. in Mehoopany.

Witnesses say they can't believe those involved, including a pregnant teen who was thrown from the vehicle, were not seriously hurt.

"The one car had front end damage the truck was really bad, for the way they walked away you wouldn't think they would be looking at the vehicles it was pretty bad," says Gabrielle Rought of Meshoppen.

Police say the a car was headed Northbound on Route 87, when it apparently went through the stop sign and then hit the pickup truck. The pickup truck then spun out and was hit again by a bread truck.

That's when the teen was thrown through the back window of the pickup truck and landed in the bed of the truck.

A woman, who works at the nearby Dandy Mart is a trained EMT and she jumped into action, going right to the girl to see if she was okay.

"She was talking to us, she knew what year it was, she knew the president, I'd say for what she did and what she went through she was doing pretty good," says Deborah Murray of Meshoppen.

Police say two people were in the car, four people were in the pickup truck, including the teen, and her three-year-old sister. The driver of the bread truck was okay, the rest suffered minor injuries and were sent to the hospital to be checked out.

"She was fine, she was just worried about her little sister, she was fine," says Gabrielle Rought on Meshoppen.

"It was just amazing to know she went out the back window and she was sitting right there you know it's one of them things, an angel I guess," says Deborah Murray of Meshoppen.