Holiday Shopping Safety

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BARTONSVILLE -- It's that time of year people need to pay attention - not only to those holiday bargains - but also their surroundings.

Big, expensive purchases are a frequent sight rolling out of popular stores like Best Buy in Bartonsville. Many people are getting their holiday shopping done. Some stores even have extended holiday hours.

AAA officials say now is a perfect time to remind shoppers to use common sense when buying those gifts.

After talking with some shoppers who are doing just that, they offered up a few helpful suggestions about shopping safely this time of year.

"You gotta be aware; 90 percent of your protection is being aware of what's going on around you. It's to prevent the situation, not deal with it," said John Dwyer of Albrightsville.

"The best thing to do is buy online," said Josue Vasquez of Mount Pocono.

"When you put presents in the car, make sure you lock the car up, so they don't steal your presents," said Hollie Kohler of Stroudsburg.

"I don't flash my money. I don't carry a big pocketbook," said Ann Marie Heller of Stroudsburg.

"When I go shopping, I'm with my mom. I make sure I'm with somebody, like my mom. We're partners. We go shopping together. We're best friends. So we go shopping together," said Michele Colon of Stroudsburg.

"Try to take somebody with you, that way it's more fun and you've got each other's back," said Heller.

Another few tips: Make sure when you park the car, you are in a brightly lit area.

Plus, if you need to drop off gifts to your car, put everything in the trunk. Officials say it will prevent your car from being a target as well.