Mystery Illness Sends Ten to Poconos Hospital

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TOBYHANNA -- Ten people were taken to the hospital Friday morning after complaining of feeling sick while inside their office building.

At first, the symptoms seemed like Carbon Monoxide poisoning, but that wasn't the case. Emergency officials said it's a mystery.

Fire crews and paramedics spent the late morning inside the office building in Tobyhanna, trying to figure out why the workers got sick.

Emergency officials said at first they received a 911 call that a Carbon Monoxide alarm went off in the building.

"They went through the whole facility with all their test meters, they're getting zero readings on everything. We're not really sure, if the generator was running and they got exhaust or something, they're checking that," said Bruce Henry, the deputy director of the Monroe County Emergency Management Agency.

Firefighters evacuated parts of the building as they continued checking all the offices inside and out for some idea of what caused people to get sick.

"We have had a problem here a couple times in the past, where they have been getting strange smells and things like that. They were never able to check anything, find anything with it," said Henry.

Some of the people forced out were just as confused, but more so because not everyone was told to leave the building and also not right away.

"It's kind of scary, if someone's in full gear and you're not, what's going on? Is it some kind of gas, Carbon? Fire? That you're not aware of," said Stacey Turrell of Mount Pocono.

"I was kinda shocked. I didn't hear an alarm or smell anything. My first reaction was to stand up, and go down the stairs," said Tenley Turrell of Mount Pocono.

Emergency officials said the source of these mysterious illnesses came from a first floor office suite inside the building.

Paramedics said about 10 people were taken to the hospital, who were working inside the office space at the time.

Those people complained of being nauseous, dizzy, and some had trouble breathing.

Some other workers inside the building were also forced out, like Lilliana Torres who works at Advanced Radiology.

"I think we're all a little cautious. We want to make sure everything is okay. We don't want to take any unnecessary chances," said Torres.

There is no word on the condition of the ten people taken to the hospital.

Paramedics said the injuries were not life threatening.

As for the reason they got ill? Emergency officials are contacting the Department of Environmental Protection to see if they can solve this mystery.