Shoppers Support Small Businesses

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LEWISBURG -- Black Friday shoppers did not only go to malls and large chain stores. Many chose to spend their money at small businesses like those in downtown Lewisburg.

Business was booming at Retrah and The Gingerbread House on Market Street in Lewisburg.

Owner Connie Harter opened her stores at 6 a.m. on this Black Friday. It's the earliest she has ever opened.

"We did a great special from six to 10, 15% off everything you bought. We had a lot of people who came in and said they really looked forward to that," said Connie Harter, the owner.

"That was our incentive to come in, but we always do shop local," said Barbara Koch.

Stores like Retrah and The Gingerbread House are competing with malls and large chain stores on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Some shoppers, like Sandra Mowery and her family, enjoy the quieter atmosphere of downtown Lewisburg.

"Oh, there's not crowds out at all. I was kind-of surprised that there weren't more shoppers out. We found a parking spot right away and got started," said Mowery.

A lot of the people shopping in downtown Lewisburg said they would rather support small businesses like these, than the large chain stores like Walmart and Target.

"I think that you need to support your local merchants. They make money off of their stores and the different things that they do here," said Kay Ann Shannon.

"When you're shopping with a store that's owned locally, I employ local people. The money stays in the community, as opposed to going to the big chain stores," said Harper.

Some of the store owners in downtown Lewisburg said Black Friday is only the tip of the iceberg. An even bigger shopping day for many of them comes this weekend on "Small Business Saturday.