Pizza Frenzy!

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BERWICK -- At Stuccio's Pizzeria in Berwick, the phone was ringing off the hook and workers were busy putting together the pies Wednesday night.

"That's usually the way it is the night before Thanksgiving, everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving Day, so pizza is a really nice thing to have the night before," said Katherine Mantrikoski, the owner.

It was the same story at Scicchitano's Pizzeria in Berwick, where the owner said they double their normal Wednesday night pizza sales.

"We look forward to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It's a good day, make some money for the holidays to spend on Christmas," said Joey Scicchitano.

Customers said it is no surprise pizza joints are so busy the night before turkey day.

"It's the day before Thanksgiving, they don't want to cook. They're all going to have a feast tomorrow," said Jessica Zimmerman of Bloomsburg, who was enjoying a slice at Scicchitano's.

Workers said Wednesday isn't the only busy day this week. The Friday after Thanksgiving is extra busy, too.

"Had to stay later last night, probably going to stay later tonight, come in early on Friday because it's another busy day for us. Make sure cheese is grinded up, dough is made, sauce is made, that's it," said Christopher Martinez who works at Stuccio's.