Holiday Travel High

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MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP -- Interstate 80 was busy with a steady stream of holiday travelers, as people passed through Columbia County to get to their Thanksgiving destinations.

"It's an eight- to nine-hour trip for us," said Petra Shoberg.

Jacqueline Miller and her husband are going from their home in Ohio to Morristown, New Jersey, a place where Hurricane Sandy hit hard.

"We're expecting to see a lot of damage along the beach communities. We're about an hour from the beaches, we expect to see a lot of trees down," said Miller.

In the meantime, Miller, and hundreds of other people stopped at a rest stop near Mifflinville, where a community group gave out free coffee and hot dogs.

The group is from the "Millville Maniacs," a youth baseball team that is raising money to go to a tournament in Florida.

"Giving them the incentive to stop, stretch, it's a safety thing, and just to meet people from all over the country," said Ron Stevens, a parent.

The kids on the baseball team were in school, but plan to serve coffee to thirsty travelers all weekend.

"We're going to go 24 hours. We're going to go all the way until this Sunday," said Stevens.

Drivers said they like the idea of coming to the rest stop rather than getting off an exit on the interstate. It's a lot quicker and more convenient.

"You have to get off at an exit and drive a little while before you get into somewhere. This enables us to see some of the people who live in this area of the country," said Miller.

So far, travelers seem to be in good spirits as they head to their holiday destinations.

"The roads have been great, the weather has been wonderful, beautiful scenery," said Shoberg.

A lot of people will be taking in that scenery. AAA estimates more than 39 million Americans will drive 50 miles or more this Thanksgiving weekend.