Pet Peeves: Technology

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WILKES-BARRE -- Most of us have phones and computers and there are things about every piece of technology that annoy us.

"I'm on Facebook a lot. I'm on Facebook at least for a couple hours a day. I text nonstop," said Sierra Marsh of Pottsville.

Facebooking and texting has the "techie" pet peeves sure to follow.

“You kind of can't really see the person's body language, or you can't hear their tone, so kind of fights break out that are really unnecessary,” said Marsh.

Another pet peeve of hers? Misspellings and grammar mistakes in texts or online.

A lot of students at Wilkes University mentioned that one among other things.

"I just don't like when people post about the weather on Facebook because I could open my window up and say 'oh, it's snowing outside,'" said Bill Baker from Hackettstown, New Jersey.

“Those big chain messages that go out if you don't send this to 10 people, this will happen. I find those highly annoying," said Julian Welsch of Wilkes-Barre.

And don't even get Jason Gnall from Taylor started on his techie pet peeves!

“I can't even go on a social network without seeing pictures of food, hashtags, 'k's, misspelling that's completely off the wall. I feel like I should have to give them a dictionary to learn how to spell,” said Gnall.

I have two Facebook pages. I have a personal one, and a fan page -- Lara Greenberg WNEP -- which you can like if you want. So we asked some people on my Facebook page what some of their technology pet peeves are, and we got quite the response.

Jim Jones of Shamokin told us:

"When people 'like' their own status updates on Facebook. If you didn't like it, then you shouldn't have posted it. We don't need to be reminded," said Jones.

All of this got us wondering, what is technology doing to us?

“How do people expect to come into college with that kind of mentality? Like you can't write a paper saying 'oh, this is awesome. Swag or YOLO,'” said Gnall

Maybe not, but you can end a news story that way.

After all, YOLO: you only live once.

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