Pet Peeves: At the Supermarket

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DICKSON CITY-- The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is always one of the busiest days in the supermarket business.

But grocery shopping can be so frustrating because of the way others behave!

When it comes to people's pet peeves, there are a lot of them -- especially when it comes to grocery shopping because you never what`s going happen.

A “pet peeve” is defined as a “particular and often continual annoyance,” and one public place where those gripes can turn sour? A supermarket. 

There’s one complaint that seemed to top the list when it came to people’s problems with other shoppers.

“Leaving the shopping cart in the middle of the aisle and you can`t get around them,” said Becky Burden of Montdale.

Another hot topic is: cranky customers.

“The grumps behind you. I hate to say it because you are a man. It's usually the old men that don’t like to stand in a check-out line,” said Dianne Kahn of Newfoundland.

“It’s when I get to the cash register and the person in front of me is giving the cashier a hard time. That`s really not nice,” said Maryann Dubee of Scott Township.

“It’s not really with the shoppers, it’s more with the cashiers. They can't figure out in their head the change. If they owe me 24 cents and I give them a penny, they look at me confused. They have no idea that they owe me 25 cents,” said Carla Turner of Fleetville.

“My pet peeve is not having the price of the item easily displayed so I know what it is,” said Dale Mitchell of Scranton.  

And there’s a pet peeve some folks have with those “extreme coupon’ers” out there that ends up selling some people short of their patience.

“When someone has a hundreds coupons and they can’t figure which coupon is for what item.  And it takes them like a half hour just to go through the coupons. You sort of wait in line, and maybe look for another spot,” said John Pieski of Dickson City.

Let’s face it, When your blood finally cools down, we`re all going shopping for the same reason.  So would it really hurt to be a little more patient and maybe even help people out?