Dancing With the Stars: Week 9 Superfan Blog

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This is the ninth in a series of 10 weekly Dancing with the Stars superfan blogs, as authored by contest winner Sarah Palonis, of Jessup.  

Week eights results show was one full of surprises both good and bad. The guest performers for the night were Kylie Minogue, and Ne-Yo . Also it was announced that tonight brings us two dances from each of our remaining all-stars. The first dance will be the songs and styles selected by their fellow performers and the second round will be a tribute to Michael Jackson and songs from his “Bad25” album which is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Bad”. Now that we know what this week will bring lets revisit the double elimination in our week eight results show which was surprising to many, and sad for most. Our two all-stars whose journey ended in week eight were Kirstie Allie, and Gilles Marini which was completely unexpected. The elimination of these two goes on to show that there is really no “safe” point in this competition and fan votes count more than ever! For a recap of the week eight results show you can go here; http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/episode-guide.

Now that we’ve seen what week eight brought to us lets dive right into our semi-final week number nine! The night started with the Macys troupe paying tribute to Michael and it was fantastic! Melissa and Tony kicked off the dancing with their selected style and routine the “Caveman” Hustle. During practice Tony hurt his back, but thankfully he recovered in time for the performance. They definitely channeled their inner cave dweller and the Hustle part was done well also earning them a 27.5. Their second routine was the Argentine Tango to the song “Dirty Diana” and they brought justice to it with a steamy performance that earned them a perfect 30 totaling to 57.5.

Next up was Shawn and Derek who were given the “Knight Rider” Banghra and they definitely had a challenge with this random routine. As always though they pulled off an amazing performance and without knowing the routine managed a perfect score. Their second round is to the song Bad dancing an Argentine Tango with Shawn showing off her flexibility and her drive to win this competition, the judges gave them a 29 and totaling 59.

Apolo and Karina did their “Big Top” Jazz number and while they did a great job there were a few moments where I thought one of them would fall, Carrie Ann felt it was disjointed and not as together as it should have been but they still scored a 27. They selected a Rumba to Man in the Mirror for their second round and Apolo definitely put his all into the performance and the judges rewarded that with a perfect score earning a total of 57.

Emmitt and Cheryl went next with their “Espionage” Lindy Hop and were attempting to score some more 10’s this week showing us a cartoonish routine, and doing it well earning a 27. Their second round dance is a Tango to Leave Me Alone, which while intense needed some work, earning them a 27 totaling 54.

Finally for the first round is Kelly and Val with their “Surfer” Flamenco, and they were well suited for this intense routine and showed us just how fierce Kelly could be, the judges loved this as well and gave them a 25.5. Their second routine is a Rumba to I Just Can’t Stop Loving You. As always the pair brought forth their undeniable chemistry and earned a 28.5 totaling 54.

Tonight was exciting and with a double elimination taking place tomorrow leaving us with our final three for next week’s finals your favorite all-stars need your votes more than ever!

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