Senior Living Facility Closing its Doors

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EAST STROUDSBURG-- A senior living facility in the Poconos is closing its doors in 2013.

More than 40 people called the place their home and they have only two months to find someplace to go.

The place is called Pocono Lutheran Village, and it's closing its doors in January 2013 due to financial reasons.

Administrators were doing what they could to find a new home for the seniors who said they're sad to have to pack up and go.

Dorothy Anderson called Pocono Lutheran village her home for nine years.

Last week, Anderson and her neighbors learned the facility -- owned by a company called Diakon -- is shutting down in 2013 because it's nearly $5,000,000 in debt.

"Very sad day. Very traumatic, traumatic. It was such a shock to us,” said Anderson.

It was mainly a shock because Dorothy grew to know her neighbors next door and down the hall very well.

She also had dined with many in the Pocono Lutheran Village day after day.

She couldn’t believe she had to say goodbye.

“I was thinking of my family too. If I have to move further away from them. I have some up here and some down the shore.  I thought, oh my goodness,” said Anderson.

The facility had been open for a little more than ten years. It’s final day will be January 14. Administrators said their main focus was to find new homes for the residents.

"We're working closely with their families. We do have other Diakon communities that they will get priority admission too should they choose to relocate there. We are working very closely with other personal care homes in the community that have bed availability for them,” said Tracy Vonbroock, the Pocono Lutheran Village Executive Director.

As for Dorothy, she's already looked at the Lutheran Village in Allentown.

"I'm waiting to hear from them, I was down there Saturday and looked at different places," said Anderson.