Police Search for Driver of SUV After Crash

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SCRANTON-- Scranton police were looking for the man they said took off running after the vehicle he was driving fell a few hundred feet into a gorge.

Police treated this as a hit-and-run investigation, and the driver ran away on foot after the crash on the Central Scranton Expressway. If he's found, the driver could face a number of charges for causing the crash that injured a woman and closed down the Central Scranton Expressway for two hours during morning rush hour on Monday.

When Scranton police and firefighters finally reached this Ford Explorer that fell a few hundred feet down the side of Nay Aug gorge, its driver was long gone.  He caused quite a mess back on the Central Scranton Expressway.

Witnesses told police that during the height of morning rush hour, the SUV was headed out the city. It swerved into the median, collided with a car which was going in the opposite direction, and somehow, the SUV wound up in the gorge.

Police said that the driver of the car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Witnesses said before ambulances even arrived they saw the driver of the SUV get out, seemingly unscathed, and start running down the gorge and up the other side. The mess that driver left behind, closed one side of the Central Scranton Expressway for about two hours while workers spent that time pulling the SUV back to the surface.

Police said they were able to track down the woman listed as the owner of the SUV, but she told them that she loaned the vehicle to a man she didn't know a few months ago, and never got it back. Other than that, officials don't have any leads.