School Helps Victims in Long Island After Sandy

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In Schuylkill County, relief efforts continue for those still struggling after Hurricane Sandy.

Teachers from the North Schuylkill school district wanted to collect some items for students at a school in Long Island, New York.

What started out as a contest between classes turned into something much bigger.

That's what these volunteers were getting ready to do in Schuylkill County with a tractor trailer full of all sorts of toiletries, food, and clothes to help victims of Hurricane.

“It's heartbreaking, and it's devastating, and teaching kindergarten and teaching kindergartners about this, it really pulls at your heart because they even understand, that those people lost everything,” said Jamie Smith of North Schuylkill Elementary.

After Hurricane Sandy hit the coast, thousands of families experienced trees on homes, debris on the street, damaged cars, and garbage bags full of items lost.

Therefore, teachers at North Schulykill school district jumped into action.

They organized a drive at their schools to collect as many items as they could to help students and teachers at the Lawrence Free school district in Long Island, and the class who collected the most would win a pizza party.

The truck, donated by Gordon Food Service, out of Pottsville, was loaded with hundreds of items and headed out Sunday afternoon.

“I felt it was a great opportunity right before the holidays to do something nice for somebody that's in need,” said Ty Wertman of North Schuylkill High School.

The teachers said the drive was put together so quickly, they collected all the items within a matter of days, no one thought it would turn into something so big.

“This was beyond my wildest dreams. I never thought we would have almost an entire tractor trailer filled!” said Smith.

“One of the biggest jobs as a teacher is trying to help kids, not only in school but also in life, and I'm sure those teachers have a tough job trying to make sure they're nurturing the kids and getting them through this crisis. Hopefully this can help them,” said Wertman.

The items were shipped off Sunday afternoon to the Lawrence Free school district in Long Island, New York.

The items will be given out once volunteers arrive.