Turkey Farm Near Tamaqua Gets Ready for the Big Day

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WALKER TOWNSHIP -- Turkey Day is just a few days away, and some people in Schuylkill County have already finished grocery shopping for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Another Thanksgiving means another stop at Koch's Turkey Farm near Tamaqua for Robert Finelli, who drove more than an hour just to get his turkey there.

"We don't mind coming almost 50 miles to get what we get when we come here," said Finelli of Roseto.

Koch's is stocked and loaded with turkeys, cranberry sauce and all the fixings. After all, Thanksgiving is a turkey farm's Superbowl.

Koch's employees said they've processed 100,000 turkeys for the holiday over the past two weeks.

"We probably hire an extra 20 people on a temporary basis for the holiday to get our production out." said Doug Nystrand, plant manager.

On any given day leading up to Thanksgiving, Koch's will process about double or triple that amount.

Processing includes the slaughtering, freezing, and packaging. It's something Koch's general manager Duane Koch said he tries to improve upon each year.

"You have these different strains that grow at different rates, so that's why I spend hours and hours everyday just trying to make sure everybody gets the right size turkey," said Duane Koch, the general manager.

This turkey was the right size for Bill Cox from Pottsville.

"We enjoyed ours last time. We have a big family. I can get a bigger bird here too. It's a 25 pound bird," said Cox. "Yeah, my wild ones are only in the 14 range, so we don't eat those."

He said he hopes his turkey from the farm will also be the right taste.