Clinic Welcomes Back Athens Community

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ATHENS -- Fourteen months ago, flood devastation could be seen everywhere, and the Guthrie Clinic's Athens Regional Office was in the middle of it all.

"Fourteen months ago, it was a mess, we had water about six feet high on the walls, had most all of our equipment was destroyed because it was electronic," said Dr. Edward Jones.

Now Dr. Jones said they've put in more than $1 million of repairs and renovations and just opened their new doors to the Bradford County community this week.

"These rooms are beautiful, they're big, they're spacious, there's colors on the wall. It's nice to be home, and I think our little Athens community missed us," said Nurse Practitioner Wanda Foote.

Bright colors replace the once-white walls and each room is filled with new equipment, something longtime employees said has boosted their spirits after a tough year.

"I feel proud that this place has really changed in looks. The staff has been wonderful. We've all been trying to work together trying to make it work again, and it's coming along great," said LPN Connie Daniels.

The clinic along Main Street in Athens re-opens with more exam rooms and better handicap access. Staff members said they can't wait to show it all off to patients, some of whom they haven't seen in about 14 months.

"There are people who have been holding off for the entire 14 months that we were away because they did not want to go anywhere else," said Kiersta Johnson, Lead Regional Office Assistant.

Barbara Seymour of Sayer stopped in to see her doctor at the new office and said it's good to be back home.

"I know where everything is, and know all the doctors and nurses here, and it seems good to be back," said Seymour.

Doctors and staff at the Guthrie Clinic office in Athens said they welcome their about 11,000 patients to stop by and say hello anytime.