Feed a Friend Program Helps People in Snyder County

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MIDDLEBURG -- WNEP's 28th annual Feed a Friend program is well underway in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

At a food pantry in Middleburg, donations will help the hungry in Snyder County.

The Grace Works Food Pantry in Middleburg is a place where people can go when they are in need of a little extra help. Once a month, people can come and get food for their families.

“We don't ask for income requirements. If you feel like you need it, the doors are open here.  We're here to help you with whatever your needs are,” said Tammy Clinger, Grace Works Director.

This holiday season, the Grace Works Food Pantry is getting some help from WNEP's Feed a Friend program.

“Feed a Friend program is awesome because then a lot of people in the community can support what we do,” said Clinger.

The WNEP Feed a Friend bins are placed at businesses all throughout Middleburg. People are asked to place non-perishable food items in the bins. Everything is taken to Grace Works Food Pantry.

“They should really donate to the program because it does help out families with children or the elderly. It helps out to donate,” said Marsha Stanton of Middleburg.

Each month more than 50 families come to the food pantry, which is located inside Grace Covenant Community Church in Middleburg. Williard Smith of Middleburg recently lost his job and had a heart attack.

“We`ve only been here twice so far this year. It`s a good service. It does a lot for people,” said Smith.

Grace Works Food Pantry will be open on December 10 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. All of the items donated through WNEP's Feed a Friend program will help people in Snyder County just in time for Christmas.