Scouts Helping Hurricane Victims

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SCRANTON -- A Lackawanna County Girl Scout troop is helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Girl Scouts helped unload shampoo, cleaning supplies, clothes and toys at the Lackawanna County American Red Cross in Scranton last Friday.

All items they collected to help victims of Sandy, people hit hard by the storm, some of whom lost everything.

They said they got the idea while watching news reports about the devastation, especially how children like them were affected.

"At our meeting on Monday Night, all the girls made little red crosses and they all sent some wishes to these children because they knew these children didn't have anything and we talked about the destruction and things like that, so they really wanted to do something to help," said scout leader Sandi Brady.

Once they got the idea, it didn't take the girls long to get busy collecting items to give to those in need.

"We went to get clothes and toothbrushes and soap and food for them," said Emily Hopkins.

"I felt really proud of myself to do this and at school we were learning about helping other people so it made me think of what we did at school," said Neveah Chlutzinski

In return, folks at the Red Cross gave the girls tokens of appreciation: first, Red Cross vests, and then pins.

Carmon Flynn, head of the Lackawanna County Red Cross said it's always nice to see people helping others, and what these girls have done makes him smile and maybe even cry a little.

"When you see little children really taking it seriously, like they have, I mean these kids put a lot of time and effort into pulling this all together, just like the one little girl thanked me for helping them delivering the product, it brings tears to your eyes, it chokes you up."