Palmerton Unveils New Veterans Memorial

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PALMERTON -- Hundreds turned out in Carbon County on Veterans Day to mark the unveiling of a new veterans memorial.

The borough of Palmerton now hosts that memorial that lists the names of those from that area who served.

It was a day of patriotic pride in Palmerton and a day of a job well done.

The Palmerton Area Veterans Memorial was unveiled before hundreds on Veterans Day, marking the end of three years of hard work.

“It’s just fantastic how the community came together and the veterans here,” said Clarence Muffley of Lehighton. “It’s an honor to be here and witness it.”

“I think it’s really nice that they went through all this trouble to make this for everyone,” said Alex Crispo of Palmerton.

The memorial now lists the names of those who served in wars for our country, all from the Palmerton area.

“They give up their lives for us, and I think it’s just very important to honor them and the people who sacrifice their lives for our freedom,” said Stacey Crispo of Palmerton.

Peggy Kleintop’s father served in World War Two and she found his name right at the entrance.

“He fought in Iwo Jima, Bougainville, so he was in the Pacific in World War II,” said Kleintop.

During the dedication ceremony, numerous speakers praised all the work that went into making the memorial possible.

The Veterans Memorial Committee said it cost around $180,000 to build money raised through donations.

“It went by so quickly,” said committee member George Duell. “The community was just outstanding in their support. We just couldn’t believe we raised all the funds needed in such a short time.”

The keynote speaker was three star Lieutenant General Rhett Hernandez, who grew up in Palmerton.

He said even with 34 years of service in the military, he was awed by the effort in his hometown.

“Never in my life could I imagine something like this, having grown up here. I spent more time in this park than I’d ever remember but I never spent a day like today,” said Hernandez.

Many said they mark Veterans Day as a way to never forget.

Now with the memorial, veterans of the area will always be remembered.