Making Room for Wyoming Seminary Arts Center

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KINGSTON -- It's not every day that you see a century old three story home picked up and rolled to a new address, but that's what happened late Thursday afternoon in Kingston.

The site of the three story home sitting on rollers was enough to attract a crowd in Kingston. The building on North Sprague Avenue is being moved to make room for the new performing arts center at Wyoming Seminary.

Because of its history, beauty, and architecture, the Seminary school decided to save the home rather than tear it down. It's used to house faculty members of the private school.

People who live in this neighborhood said they're glad to see it spared the wrecking ball.

"Well it gives it character and distinction. It gives it, you know, personality," said Joe Dombek of Kingston.

Ginny Ricci lives across the street.

"It`s exciting for me to see it happening and it`s great for the neighborhood. Anything that the Seminary does they do wonderfully, so it should be great," said Ricci.

The home's new address will be on North Maple Avenue less than 100 yards away. That's something the current resident of the home, Randy Granger, calls quite a "moving" experience.

"The postal service has been very nice. I`m trying to explain this to my insurance agent and the postal service, and they`re laughing at me. Let me get this straight, you`re moving here, going back and we just got our new address, so we`re trying to figure all that out," said Granger, an academic dean at the Seiminary.

Granger said he should be back in his home in time for Christmas. Groundbreaking on the new arts center at Wyoming Seminary is scheduled for next year.