Woman Dies in Suspicious Fire

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FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP -- A fire that sparked in Luzerne County Tuesday morning has turned deadly. We originally reported that a husband and wife were badly burned in a fire that started in their home in Fairview Township. Wednesday, we confirmed that the wife, Tracey Zero, has died.

This house still stands on Pine Lane in Fairview Township after a fire tore through it, but the family living inside has sustained more than just physical damage.

Chris and Tracey Zero were badly burned in Tuesday's fire and were taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Chris is still in the hospital, but the Lehigh County Coroner said Tracey Zero, 44, died from her burns.

Investigators said they're treating it as a suspicious fire and they're not ruling anything out yet.

The Zero's two teenage children were not home when it happened, but Pete Mailloux, who lives down the street from the Zero's, saw the chaos at the scene.

"I feel so sorry for the kids especially because they're young kids, and they're really nice kids. I do see them on the street, and I do wave to them and talk to them occasionally," said Mailloux.

The caution tape has been taken down from outside the Zero's home, but investigators said they're still looking into what caused the fire. Rumors are circulating in the community, but even the neighbors said until the investigation is complete, there's a lot of unanswered questions with the fire.

"It's hard to speculate as to exactly what did happen. All I know is that two people were injured, one dead, in a tragic fire," said Mailloux.

Chris Zero is now listed in stable condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital.