Mirabito Wins House Seat

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Supporters of incumbent state Representative Rick Mirabito cheered as he accepted victory over Republican candidate Harry Rogers.

Mirabito and his supporters celebrated at the Young Men's Democratic Club in Williamsport.

"The important thing about this campaign is we were able to find a common language that reached across political parties. It became part of a language that reached across Republicans, Democrats and Independents. That's what we need to do going forward in this state if we want to find solutions to problems," Representative Mirabito said.

Mirabito said he will continue doing what he has been doing as the state representative of the 83rd District.

"Issues having to do with jobs, issues having to do with the quality of life with the gas drilling, education systems that function and can work properly," Mirabito said.

Harry Rogers called Rick Mirabito around 10:15 p.m. to congratulate him. He said it was a hard-fought race and he wishes the state representative the best of luck.

"We have a good community and hopefully we can forge on and Mr. Mirabito will do what he has promised to do and we'll see what happens in two years," Rogers said.