Vote 2012: Poll Workers in Wyoming County

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TUNKHANNOCK - The lines to vote are out the door at this polling place at the Tunkhannock Township Municipal Building.  Voters casting ballots for the President, US Senator and other offices.

Just a few poll workers help to keep things moving, one of them is Peggy Lane. She says she's been helping out on Election Day longer than she can remember.

"I knew nothing about it but I worked with a bunch of women who had been here forever and they talked me into it and I`ve been here ever since," said Lane.

Frank Wadas of Tunkhannock is also helping residents confirm their ballots. It's the first time he's worked a Presidential Election, and says he's amazed at the turnout.

"I`ve voted every year here, and I`ve never seen it like this," said Wadas.

They say the job can become tedious with hundreds of voters and changes at the polls, but the people make it all worthwhile.

"The folks coming in to see us, we`re like family, and also the folks that I work with are fantastic.  We try to make it fun even though it`s a long grueling day we try to make it fun," said Laura Anderson of Tukhannock.

Here at the Triton Fire Hall all of the workers bring their favorite covered dish to help pass the time.  They`ve got squash soup, chili and all of the sweet treats you could ever want.

Georgia Smith has worked elections for more than 40 years and says this good food and her good friends are what help get the work done long after the polls close.

"There were times, we were here until midnight sometimes, doing the paper ballots, counting the ballots and so forth," said Smith.

These ladies say it's an atmosphere unlike any other where you can visit with neighbors, eat all of the food you want, all while giving back to your country and getting paid.

"I like people, I love seeing the neighbors, meeting new people and it`s just a fun thing to do," said Peg Ball of Tunkhannock.

The polls will be open until 8 p.m. Tuesday.