Toohil Wins, Returns to State House

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HAZLETON -- It was a victory for freshman state Representative Tarah Toohil.

The incumbent Republican held onto her seat in the state's 116th District, defeating Democrat Ransom Young.

It was a rowdy welcome for Toohil as she arrived at her campaign party at the Elks Lodge in Hazleton.

Not even a full hour after the polls closed, it seemed supporters of the incumbent Republican felt she was the sure victor.

Toohil said she felt she ran a good campaign even after being targeted by negative ads in the days before the election.

"I had thought that last time it was dirty and mean and nasty, but this time I wasn't expecting to be as bad as it was. And I tried to rise about that and not stoop to that level and I just fought hard on the issues," said Rep. Toohil.

At Ransom Young's campaign party at Rostas's, also in Hazleton, the crowd was more subdued.

Young, a Butler Township supervisor, admitted he will not be going to Harrisburg, and conceded defeat to Toohil.

Young maintains he had nothing to do with those ads.

"I think we ran it the way that we want to. I kept my head above. I know she accused me of some things falsely. I certainly didn't have anything to do with that drug video," said Young.

For Toohil she said she will head back to Harrisburg to continue fighting for what she believes.

"Not taxing people that can't afford it anymore, bringing better jobs to this region, a better education for our children, increasing education for our kids," said Toohil.