Dancing With the Stars: Week 7 Superfan Blog

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This is the seventh in a series of 10 weekly Dancing with the Stars superfan blogs, as authored by contest winner Sarah Palonis, of Jessup.  

For me every week now brings anticipation and sadness, because we have to bid adieu to another fantastic all-star, and after watching them so long you almost feel like you know them. Week six was no different, but before getting to the sad part let’s look at the good. We saw performances from Jason Mraz, and Taylor Swift and we also saw the remaining eight dancers have their fusion mix picked for them, and if you happened to miss the selections for each couple you can watch the recap at http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/episode-guide.

Now to the sad part, last week we saw those at the bottom of the leader board gain safety and the ones on top in jeopardy and sadly history repeated itself and Sabrina saw her journey end at week 6. The surprising elimination continues to prove that while judge’s votes do play part fan voting is crucial for every all-star to go on another week so remember to place your votes after tonight’s show even though there is no elimination tomorrow night there will be a double elimination next week!

Tonight’s show is as I mentioned before a fusion dance for everyone meaning they will have to combine two different dance styles in one routine which is a huge challenge! Kicking off the show was a performance by the dance troupe, followed by our first all-star pair which were Apolo and Karina dancing a fusion of Cha-cha and Paso Doble pleasing the judges who called it crisp and well executed and earning the pair a 33.

Following the pair was Emmitt and Cheryl whose fusion is Rumba and Samba who as always showed fantastic foot work, and gave us a surprisingly well meshed blend of dances. The judges agreed giving them a 34.5.

Next up were Kirstie and Maks who were given a Quickstep and Samba fusion but before we get to that lets take the time to applaud ABC and our all-stars for aiding in getting things for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, it is always remarkable to see others contribute especially those who have a lot of influence! As for the fusion the pair did okay with it, though judges felt Kirstie fell out of sync a bit earning them a 28.

Kelly and Val danced a fusion of Cha-cha and Foxtrot exhibiting the passion and chemistry they usually do when they are together, and the judges felt that they combined both dances very well especially since they are very diverse getting a score of 36.

Melissa and Tony were given the Tango and Cha-cha as their fusion, and they definitely nailed this fusion! They intertwined both dances perfectly and earned every one of their 39 points.

Shawn and Derek were up next, though it was questionable whether Derek would be able to perform due to aggravating a neck injury, Thankfully Mark Ballas was there to help out should Derek be unable to get on the floor which unfortunately he wasn’t. The fusion selected for the pair was a Tango and Paso Doble mix. Mark fit in perfectly while Derek recovers and their combination was as Bruno put it flawless and they got their first perfect score and a total of 38!

Last but definitely not least were Gilles and Peta who had a fusion of Argentine Tango and Samba and as always the pair performed a fantastic mix and bringing excitement to the stage earning a score of 33.5!

The night ended up with a swing dance marathon with every pair trying to earn bonus points from the judges with the judges eliminating all-stars as the dance goes on. The first couple eliminated gets 4 points added to their score adding one point to each following pair eliminated while the last couple gets 10. The final 4 get to move freely around the floor. First to go were Kirstie and Maks getting 4 points then Gilles and Peta, then Apollo and Karina, Emmitt and Cheryl, Shawn and Mark, and Kelly and Val leaving Melissa and Tony as champions!!

All the scores above include the marathon scores, and since next week is a double elimination we will be seeing two all-stars leave the show so voting’s crucial!

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