Boy Scouts Pack Water, Meals for Sandy Victims

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STROUDSBURG -- From boy scout to boy scout, thousands of bottles of water were passed down the line in Monroe County.

They were loaded onto a truck, all to help those still hit hard by super storm Sandy.

"We're helping hand out water to local municipalities and local fire departments to get water out to people who don't have any power," said Aaron Parks, a member of boy scout troop 80.

Boy scouts said they were called in to help after the national guard was called out to respond to those affected by Sandy.

The scouts loaded up bottles of water and boxes of ready to eat meals to deliver to people in need in Monroe County.

They say giving up their Saturday to help thousands of people who are out of power, and who are out of their homes, is a perfect way to give back.

"It feels real good, more people who can help out the better, it's nice to see that we can come together as an organization and help out," said Andrew Maza, a member of boy scout troop 1910.

"People are out of power without homes just wanted to help out," said Robert Facella, of boy scout troop 109.

For some here, they too were affected by Sandy and are still out helping others who have lost a lot.

"I don't have any power right now, we're running a generator and the water pump just broke, so we don't have any water now at all," said Scott Foley, of boy scout troop 109.

And many said their thoughts are with those hardest hit by super storm Sandy.

"I do have cousins who live in Jersey and they've been without power they actually got it back last night, it's been real bad, especially for Jersey," said Maza.