Sandy’s Wrath In Schuylkill County

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SHENANDOAH -- As power crews worked to restore electricity to thousands,the effects of Sandy could clearly be seen all over including near Shenandoah a tree almost bent in two and another with its roots ripped out of the ground.  The speckle surprised some people including Fire Chief Kyle Mummey who worked through the night.

"It really gives a lot of credit to Mother Nature to the amount of force used to cause that kind of damage so you have to pay respect to Mother Nature to what can happen during these heavy rains and strong winds." Mummey said.

Sandy's power surprised Pat Lethem. He said his family owns one of the downed trees.

"It's crazy, I can`t explain it it's nuts, don`t know. Yeah, especially the far one,I didn't expect to see it take the roots and everything out of the ground ."

This sign landed on top of a camper and could be an example as to how our things stand up against nature. The force of the wind snapped off supporting steel which held the sign upright.

Not far away is more damage. A huge tree near McAdoo was pushed over by Sandy. Part of it landed in the swimming pool owned by the Boyle family. John Boyle said the storm tore the tree up.

"Yeah it was pretty big, I would say it was almost 200 years old. Yeah, that`s probably why we didn't hear it falling because the wind was so loud."

The people we talked to agree. The storm named Sandy will be remembered for generations to come.