Dancing With the Stars: Week 6 Superfan Blog

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This is the sixth in a series of 10 weekly Dancing with the Stars superfan blogs, as authored by contest winner Sarah Palonis, of Jessup.  

Guilty pleasure week gave the all-stars a chance to bring their A game without worrying about elimination. Tuesday night we saw the second team freestyle, as well as the solo freestyles of those who did the group freestyle Monday. Melissa and Tony danced to guilty pleasure song Toxic, and the Tango they performed to the song was wonderful. The judges were impressed with how in character Melissa was and the pair was given a score of 27.

Next up was Shawn and Derek and they decided to dance to My Heart Will Go On with a Rumba and it was beautiful and as always graceful. The only criticism this dance got was violating the no lift rule earning them a 27.

Apolo and Karina danced a Samba to Give It to Me Baby, and they showed fantastic leg work, however I do agree with Carrie Ann when she said something felt off this week and that Apolo didn’t give a performance with caliber of past performances earning the pair a 26.5.

Finally Sabrina and Louis Waltzed to So This is Love and Sabrina channeled her inner princess, and showed us elegance and an easy to follow story line. The pair earned their first 10 and a 29 for their performance.

After the solo freestyle performances we saw the second group freestyle. The style was Gangnam and the performance was definitely what you would expect from the crew especially with Gilles and Peta being captains. After a spicy moment where Gilles gave Bruno his towel and a consensus from all three judges of the fun and craziness of the routine they earned a 27. Don’t forget the team scores will be added to the couple’s solo scores and tallied!

Week six brings us a country theme, with solo performances by each all-star and a group number by everyone for bonus points. Kicking off the night were Gilles and Peta dancing a Cha-cha-cha. It’s always fun to watch this pair perform and tonight was no different. They earned a well deserved 27.5 adding to last week’s giving 84 out of 90.

Sabrina and Louis danced a Rumba that was full of emotion and I agree with the judges who called it intricate, beautiful, vulnerable, and beautiful, especially the amazing solo. They earned a perfect score of 10’s for their performance and a total of 88.5.

Kelly and Val danced a Tango trying to dance their way back to the top from their bottom place last week. Their performance tonight was very intense and full of passion ending in an intense kiss, the judges gave them a 27 and a total of 78.5.

Melissa and Tony danced a Waltz and with Melissa still braving the neck injury she got last week, their performance was graceful and they earned an ovation from Len as well as a score of 29.5 and an 86 total.

Shawn and Derek also selected the Cha-cha-cha with Shawn dancing through a knee injury. The injury did little to stop her though and she gave another memorable performance earning a 28 and an 84.5 total.

Kirstie and Maks decided to Rumba, and Kirstie has definitely become more graceful in her performances, and not being on the bottom of the leader board truly has fueled her confidence and earned them a 27.5 and total of 82.

Apolo and Karina decided to dance a Waltz as well, and Apolo revealed an emotional side we’ve never seen in his performances tonight’s was dubbed a breakthrough number and earned straight 10’s and a total of 86.5.

Finally Emmitt and Cheryl danced a Foxtrot and we saw the usual finesse of Emmitt who always brings his best to the floor! Tonight the pair earned a 26.5, and a combined score of 82.5.

The night ended with the first ever group dance and everyone gave it their all, with an intense action packed performance! The judges selected Kirstie and Maks as most entertaining earning them 2 bonus points for their score. If you missed any of last week you can get the recap at http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/. Be sure to vote because anything can happen tomorrow night especially with all the combined performances!

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