Prepared for Power Outages

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HAZLETON -- Tons of food was being delivered to the community center at Eagle Rock Resort near Hazleton. 

A long power outage could spoil the food but officials are breathing easier, because the gated community has rented one of the last generators available. The units are in short supply.

"We are out completely. We're totally 100% out all our large units and small units. We just rented the last one today," said George Hayden, of Hayden Electric.

Eagle Rock officials are glad they were able to rent the large generator to keep the lights on and the food fresh.

"If we should lose power for several days, so should we have residents that need our food, or our employees, staff that are working they'll be able to access the food," said Jim Sebia, of Eagle Rock Resort.

Eagle Rock officials said besides the big unit being wired into place smaller units are spread across the resort in critical areas to deal with Sandy.

"I want them to know that we are ready and if they have a problem and are in distress, we will be out there," said Sebia.

"It's a scary situation.  It's best to be prepared and not off guard. At least this storm gave us some warning," said Dale Stravinsky, of Eagle Rock Resort.

The generator is temporary and the folks here at Eagle Rock Resort said there are plans in the works for something permanent for the next time.