Shoppers Get Last Minute Storm Supplies

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People all over are taking matters into their own hands, trying to beat the storm.

Folks were getting last minute supplies, from generators to batteries, and gas tanks.

Many of them said, they'll be ready for whatever heads our way.

In Wayne County, several people made their way to Shaffer's Hardware Store to stock up on last minute storm supplies.

People said, it's better to be safe than sorry.

“Maybe a gas can or two if I can find one of those. On the way home I'll try and get some water, things like that, to prepare for the storm,” said Tim Conlin of Lackawaxen.

John Wargo of Maplewood dropped in for some extra duct tape and batteries.

He said people should be ready for Hurricane Sandy, but shouldn't panic.

“In case we do have some problems, but we've been through things like this before, we were snowed in for a whole week a few times, but we can survive without much power,” said Wargo.

The manager at Shaffer's Hardware, said folks have been coming in and out for days gearing up for the storm.

“When I got here about 20 to nine, the parking lot was half full with people waiting for generators,” said Ginger Repsher, manager at Shaffer’s Hardware.

In Lackawanna County, people showed up at Weis Supermarket in Clarks Summit.

Store reps said people have been stocking up on staple items like bread, milk, and water, and they said more shipments are coming in.

In Monroe County, others were packing up their newly bought generators in the parking lot of the Ace Hardware store in Mount Pocono.

They said Hurricane Sandy will pack some punches, but they'll be ready for them.

“We have a lot of food in the freezer, and we'd like to save that so you can never be too careful,” said Rolly Keisling of Mount Cobb.

“They're predicting the power's going out for a few days, who knows, it could be a few weeks,” said Gary Gorman of Gouldsboro.