Wilkes-Barre Preps for Sandy

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WILKES-BARRE -- The challenge for communities all over our area Is making sure the storm and sewer drains can handle all the rain from Sandy.

This time of year, it means clearing out all the leaves falling from the trees.

DPW crews in Wilkes-Barre took to the streets to clear storm drains in preparation for Sandy. Crews raked up the Brookside section and South Wilkes-Barre near Solomon Creek, the places the city thinks are most likely to be flooded. However, flooding isn't the city's only concern.

Besides the rain, the city is also worried about all these leaves that are on the ground because if the leaves clog up drains like this one, there's no place for the water to go.

That's why neighbors are also taking precaution, like Ned Stevens. He spent the afternoon bagging up leaves not only on the streets, but in his backyard.

"As the rain begins to come down, it picks up the leaves and as the leaves begin to travel, and then of course they travel to your house," said Evans, who lives in Wilkes-Barre.

Over on Mundy Street, next door neighbors David Schintz and Steve Nestorick are also fending for themselves by moving and covering up their backyard furniture.

"Just made sure we got the pool padded down pretty good, covered up good and that because like I said just a week ago, the wind just from a week ago kind of blew the neighbor's cover off," said Nestorick.

Schintz made sure to fix that pool cover.

"I came out here, undid this, and tied it up with the bottles full of water, just so it usually holds it down really well," said Schintz.

Schintz said better to be safe than sorry with Sandy on the way.