Pushing Sand for Hurricane Sandy

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TUSCARORA STATE PARK -- Crews were busy pushing sand around on a beach in Schuylkill County all part of preparations for next summer.

At Tuscarora State Park near Tamaqua, a front end loader was pushing sand from the lake to the beach. Park official Frank Zalusky said over the years the sand on the beach has ended up in the water.

"What we try and do is save the taxpayers money by pushing the sand up so we don't have to keep going out and buy it," said Zalusky.

The crews were under a time constraint too. They let water drain from the lake making it, about four feet lower, so they could get to the sand, which was once underwater. Lew Williams, the park manager, said it was the only way to get the job done before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

"We did it today because I don't see getting the work done before the storm hits. The lake is going to fill back up by this time next week," said Williams.

Sandie Ronco vists Tuscarora State Park often. Ronco said the first thing she noticed was the partially drained lake.

"Like I said, it's maybe not a pleasant thing, but it is necessary, and not many people here now, and next summer when everyone is back out it will be beautiful again," said Ronco.

There are a lot of fish in the lake at Tuscarora State Park. Angler Emil Subolish said with less water he can scope out better fishing spots.

"If you fish here a lot you know where all the structure here is close to the shore. You get to see that. You can get to walk around the whole lake right now,it's rough walking but you can do it," said Subolish.

Before next summer crews will be on the beach again regrading the sand so people can once again have fun at the beach.