Pottsville Fire Wrecks Two Homes

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POTTSVILLE -- Two families were forced from their homes by fire Thursday night.

Some of the fire victims went through another tragedy back in May.

Officials said a blaze started on the stove at a double block home on Mount Hope Avenue in Pottsville.

Bernadette O'Doherty is one of the fire victim’s grandmothers.

“Where are my grandchildren going to live?” cried O’Doherty.

Heribeto Torres and Donna Matthias know about life's challenges.

In May they were attacked by their pit bulls and hospitalized. Now they have to clean up from a fire.

“I just thought we lost our home completely, that we were going to be homeless and nowhere to live,” said Torres. Reporter: “So it could have been worse?”  Torres: “Yes it could have. Thank God it wasn't.”

“I was thankful that it wasn't worse than I thought it was going to be. When I got the call I thought everything was going to be gone, everything we owned,” said Matthias.

Everyone agrees the fire victims were lucky.

“Just thankful that everyone is safe; that`s the most important thing,” said Debbi Becker, one of the fire victim’s mothers.

The folks who live where the fire began predict they'll be out several months because of the damage. The folks next door said they will probably be without a home for several days.