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Long-Awaited Senior Housing

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NEW MILFORD -- The foundation is going in for a new senior housing complex in New Milford.

A site that used to be an old tannery and then a plastics factory will now be 24 apartments.

The official groundbreaking celebrated getting senior housing in the community after 30 years of trying. Some industrial ground contamination had to be cleared, but now the project is a go.

"They have people signed up already and they didn't even pour the foundation yet so it will be full, " said New Milford Mayor Joe Taylor.

And those marking the start of the project know there's a need for it.

All of the natural gas drilling in Susquehanna County has created a housing shortage. Low income seniors will be able to live with rent set at 30 percent of their income.

"You can't find affordable housing no matter whether your an older person or a working person today because, nothing against the gas industry, they're paying more money and if you're renting a house your going to rent it to someone who is paying more money," said Mayor Taylor.

"Also, not only are we providing the housing, but we did demolish an old dilapidated industrial site. We removed the slum and the blight first and now we're going to put a beautiful project here on this site," said Karen Allen, a member of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority.

People living in this neighborhood used to look at an old dilapidated factory that was falling apart that had been vacant for years and years.  Now they'll look at a brand new building.

"It was terrible, it really was. The roof was caving in.  I never thought it would happen but it happened and we're just all tickled pink that it's going to work," said Violet Smith, a neighbor.

Violet Smith lives two doors down from where the factory was, and the senior housing complex will be.

She's not ready to move there yet, but knows friends who will be.

"It will probably be everyone I know. All of them are planning are going there. So it's wonderful, it's really wonderful that this is really taking place, " said Smith.

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