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State House Candidates Spar Over Pay, Pensions

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KINGSTON -- The candidates for a seat in the state House of Representatives met in a debate in Luzerne County Tuesday night.

The 120th District covers much of the west side of the Wyoming Valley.

Incumbent Democrat Phyllis Mundy and Republican challenger Aaron Kaufer squared off on the campus of Wyoming Seminary in Kingston.

Some of the issues discussed included state legislators voting to give themselves pay raises and increasing their state pensions.

"I voted against the pension increase, not that you'd know that by listening to my opponent's attack ads, but the fact is that we do have a pension problem," said Mundy.

"Representative Mundy, I know you voted against the bill in 2001 but just days later you went and signed up and accepted a 50 percent increase, just days after voting against the bill. That's not good leadership. It's failed leadership, and a lack of leadership," Kaufer responded.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.