Former State Senator Musto In Court

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WILKES-BARRE -- Two days after his attorneys filed legal action to dismiss his corruption trial on grounds he is too ill, former State Senator Ray Musto from Luzerne County showed up to federal court Wednesday to be arraigned on additional charges of bribery.

"No, we can't talk. Thank you," Ray Musto's attorney John Riley told Newswatch 16.

"How are you feeling, senator?" Newswatch 16 asked Ray Musto.

It was the question on everyone's mind as former State Senator Ray Musto walked out of Federal Court in Wilkes-Barre. Musto showed up to plead not guilty to fraud and bribery charges that were filed just last week.

It's been two years since Musto was first indicted on federal corruption charges.

Earlier this week, Musto's attorneys requested that all charges be dismissed or that his trial be delayed indefinitely. They argue the former lawmaker is too sick to stand trial.

According to court papers, Musto suffers from liver disease and an aneurysm and is bedridden two to three days a week. The papers also reveal that doctors say the added stress of a trial could kill him.

A November trial date had been scheduled for Musto, but a court clerk said that date will change because of the new charges. Musto's attorney said he was still waiting to hear from the judge about the request to dismiss charges or to delay the trial.

"Well we've got some work to do with the superseding charges so we'll see. Thanks," said Riley.

Musto was allowed to remain free on bail. His lawyer said he doesn't know when the federal judge will rule on the motion.

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