Man Locked Up After Chainsaw Attack

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP — An unusual attack took place in Northumberland County on Saturday.

Police said Ronald Tanner, 59, locked Guy Black, 76, out of their home in Delaware Township after a disagreement on Friday. Tanner is the owner of the property.

On Saturday, police said Black returned to find that the locks had been changed. Black then got an axe and started hitting the door with it. According to police, Black then started a chainsaw and tried to saw through the door.

Then we’re told Tanner and his brother left the home and went into the front yard. Police said Black then ran at Tanner with the running chainsaw, and swung the chainsaw at him. He got Tanner’s sweatshirt and one of his fingers. A piece of the sweatshirt got stuck in the chainsaw, stopping it.

Tanner was able to knock Black down and hold him on the ground until state police arrived.

Black is locked up on  $100,000 bail.