Hiring Holiday Helpers

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP -- The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and many stores are looking for temporary help, but some are having a hard time finding people who want to work.

Store managers at the Lycoming Mall said they are looking for people to work part-time from now until the middle of January. Many stores hope to hire about a dozen employees, but said they are having a hard time finding people.     

Almost every store at the mall near Williamsport has a sign that says “help wanted.”  Managers said they need to hire employees to work during the holiday season.

“We need several part-time, including management key holder positions," said Shannon Nichols.

Nichols is a manager at Kitchen Collection at the Lycoming Mall. She said people are picking up applications, but seasonal work is not what they are looking for.

“Nobody's interested in part time. Nobody wants to work the extended holiday hours, and the people that do, don't have reliable transportation," said Nichols.

Many stores like Maurice's offer incentives to their employees, hoping holiday helpers become holiday shoppers.

“We do offer a nice 40% discount off everything. Markdowns and sale prices, you get an extra 20% off of that," said Christina Gresko, employee at Maurice’s.

Some people are looking for part-time seasonal work. Kendra Smith of Williamsport was hired at two stores at the Lycoming Mall.

“I got hired for a job. I came here to fill out the rest of my paperwork so I could start working,” said Smith.

Some managers at the Lycoming Mall said if they do not hire enough people, the managers will have to fill in and work the extra hours. Most stores are looking for people who want to work between 10 and 25 hours a week.