Light Bulb Buying Help

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DICKSON CITY -- There are many different energy saving light bulbs available and sometimes choosing among all of them can be difficult.

That's why PPL is holding events throughout our area to help people learn about the options and also offer free and discounted bulbs.

A trip to the light bulb aisle like at Lowes in Dickson City can be a bit overwhelming.

Incandescent, CFL, LED, watts, lumens, color temperature, all things to consider before buying bulbs.

“A lot of people think, 'oh, it's just a normal bulb.' It's not a normal bulb anymore, so it can get very confusing,” said Eric Buchanan of Lowes.

PPL already promotes buying energy saving bulbs at Lowes, but on Saturday at the Lowes in Dickson City and Selinsgrove, the power company will hold events to help choose the right bulbs, and offer discounts and giveaways.

PPL's event will focus on compact fluorescent bulbs, o CFLs.

For about three bucks you can get an eight pack of the incandescent bulbs, the bulbs you are used to from the past, or for the same price you can get a six pack of the CFL bulbs, but it says right on the box, they could save you up to $306 in energy costs.

“A lot of them will tell you it's about a $70 a year savings just for lighting alone if you change the five most used bulbs in your house itself,” said Buchanan.

The prices of the CFL bulbs have fallen about two bucks a pack in the last year, and complaints about the type of light have been answered with options.

A display helps show how bulbs can be soft or warm to bright and daylight.

Another type of energy saving bulb offers the same choices. LED bulbs cost quite a bit more, but save even more energy and can last 20 years.

PPL light bulb events will be going on all over our area. To find one, click here.

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