Police: Woman Stole $50,000 From Fire Company

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POTTSVILLE -- A former treasurer of a Minersville Fire Company turned herself into authorities today who believe she stole $50,000 from the organization.

47-year-old Brenda Shuman didn't want her picture taken as she turned herself into a District Magisterial Judge in Port Carbon. She shielded her face with a coat and didn't have anything to say to members of the fire company.

Police said the Pottsville woman stole $50,000 over a three year period while she was the treasurer of the Goodwill Fire Company in Minersville. Police Chief Mike Combs  said he believes a lack of fiscal controls opened the door to the thefts.

"People develop a mindset I've gotten away with this so far, unfortunately for her it got to a point that the Goodwill couldn't pay its bills and someone said what’s going on here?"

According to court papers, Brenda Shuman racked up charges on several credit cards, took cash and even gave herself a raise.

Minersville police officer Jeff Bowers filed the charges against Shuman.

"Hotel rooms, clothing pretty much you name it she used their credit cards to make purchases," said Shuman.

Police Chief Combs said the list of items purchased using the credit cards was long.
"It's quite extensive.  Shoes and gift shops and it's quite extensive. yeah there was a lot of personal purchases made."

Attorney Jim Conville said he represents the Goodwill Fire Company.

"It's a stress, it's taken a lot of toll on the members but they are good people they take a lot of time and effort to serve the community," said Conville.

The judge in the case says he doesn't believe Brenda Shuman is a flight risk. That’s why he released her without having to post property or cash for bail.