Natural Gas Power Plant Met with Excitement

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ASYLUM TOWNSHIP -- Excitement is growing in a Bradford County community as word of plans to build a Natural Gas Power Plant near Wyalusing begins to spread. It will be powerful enough to light up nearly 800,000 homes.

Asylum Township Supervisor Lee Allyn said that this two year long project is one that is going to help his community.

"We`re quite excited about it, when they get this going I think it will make quite a difference in our tax base here. Both township, County and with the school," said Allyn.

Moxie Energy Company from Virginia will build the plant near Wyalusing in the spring and plans to power it with natural gas from the area. It's the first time the entire community will benefit from the drilling in this area.

"It`s locally produced and locally used right here, and I think that`s a great thing for the gas industry to be here at this time and this type of plant that can use the type of products from our county," said Thomas House of the Asylum Township Planning Commission.

Many of the people who worked to bring the power plant to the land in Asylum Township live only just a few miles down the road, and they said they`re excited for what this could mean for their community.

Thomas House lives about a half mile away from this site. He toured the Moxie facility near Gettysburg and said he's confident in this company.

"They don`t discharge water back into the river, so while this plant in the area that it`s actually sitting of course will change the environment a little, but overall it is probably as environmental friendly more than any plant or organization that we`ve worked with," said House.

Others who live near this field said they see a lot of positives coming to their community once construction is underway.

"They say there will be 300 plus construction workers for a couple of years and they`re all going to buy lunches and have to have places to stay, it`s going to be a nice economic upswing for the area," said John Sullivan of Asylum Township.

Now that the state has approved the project and all township requirements have been met, Moxie Energy plans to break ground in the spring.