Feds Investigating Fatal Helicopter Crash

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A deadly helicopter crash in the Poconos Tuesday night is now being investigated by federal officials.

Late Wednesday afternoon, officials with the National Transportation Safety Board were on scene investigating the deadly helicopter crash just off Interstate 380 near Tobyhanna.

The crash site is in a wooded area 100 yards from the Interstate between the Tobyhanna and Mount Pocono exits. Police said the pilot and a passenger died. Another passenger was hurt.

Officials with the NTSB said for the next few days of the investigation they will be collecting as much evidence as they can.

The NTSB roped off the crash site as they continue investigating, which is expected to take two more days.

"We'll be doing a wreckage diagram to determine where the pieces and portions of the aircraft are to make sure we have the entire aircraft here," said Todd Gunther, an investigator with the NTSB.

The Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief said the helicopter originated from Somerset, New Jersey, near New York City.

That's where the four passengers were golfing.

According to the chief, the helicopter left New Jersey and went to Elmira, New York to drop off one of the passengers.

On its way back to New Jersey it was spotted in the Wilkes-Barre area by airport officials who said the helicopter was hovering.

Soon after that, investigators believe the pilot possibly hit heavy fog and was trying to find his way to Mount Pocono Airport to land.

Instead, it crashed in a wooded area around 8 p.m., killing two people and injuring a third.

Finding the crash was complicated, but one of the passengers was using his cell phone before the crash which helped lead police to the exact location.

"We were able to track that cell phone with use of the United States Air Force and that gave us a better location that we had before," said Pocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Harry Lewis.

The NTSB will be on scene for the next two days investigating.  

The two people killed are from New Jersey and Connecticut. The man injured is from New Jersey and he is being treated at Lehigh Valley Hospital.