Longtime Restaurant Being Demolished

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DICKSON CITY -- The landmark restaurant “Fresnos" along the Scranton Carbondale Highway in Dickson City is being demolished.

On Wednesday we learned what is planned to go in its place.

We asked a lot of people what they remembered most about Fresno's. Almost everyone mentioned the view of the mountains, which you can see clearly now that the building is gone. This building will be replaced by a hotel.

The longtime restaurant that served southwestern food along business Route 6 was reduced to shambles in just a matter of hours. Fresno's has had a for sale sign out front for more than a year since the restaurant closed up for good.

Frank Ross, who runs Feel Good Motors next door, stood and watched the Lackawanna County landmark come down.

“Well, I think it's a good thing because hopefully a new building will go there, and that will only help my business. More people, more cars I can sell,” said Ross.

That new building will be a hotel, called "Home 2.” It's operated by Hilton, and the architect said the building will have 83 extended stay rooms.

Fresno's has been along Business Route 6 in Dickson City for at least 20 years, and borough officials said when the hotel goes in, the landscape will change. The new owner has a variance to build a four story hotel.

“I think it's a shame to be losing the beautiful view of the mountains and the foliage, and I think it's kind of sad to be losing another independently owned restaurant we could be supporting in this area,” said Kristen Dempsey of Mt. Cobb.

Almost everyone said they'd miss Fresno's view the most, but some said even though that view will be blocked by a taller building, it's better than having the lot empty.

“Sorry to see a local family owned, family business go that had a lot of local employees, but nice to see something coming back rather than another empty lot waiting for development,” said Barb Hijazi of Clarks Summit.

The hotel's architect said construction won't start until the spring and is expected to take about 10 months to finish. He wasn't sure how many jobs the new hotel will bring.