Sandusky’s Neighbors

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STATE COLLEGE -- Just outside State College, signs supporting victims of sexual abuse sit on the front lawns of some of Jerry Sandusky's neighbors.

To Paul and Dana Kletchka, Sandusky once seemed like a friendly guy. They have lived next door to the Sandusky's for the past 11 years and were surprised when they found out he sexually abused children.

"We have been racking our brains for months as to how this could happen, as to how we didn't know," said Kletchka.

The couple stopped speaking to Dottie Sandusky last November when they found out what happened. They say they were shocked because they did not see this coming from their neighbor.

"Certainly he concealed this part of himself from us for a long time," said Kletchka.

The Kletchkas came to Sandusky's sentencing at the Centre County Courthouse for closure and to try and move on.

"I think we got that. We saw him and justice be done. We saw people speaking and we saw the people we needed to see," said Kletchka.

The couple was in the courtroom and saw Sandusky laughing and waving to family. They call that behavior "unbelievable and disgusting" and say they are happy he is not coming back to their neighborhood.