Sandusky To Appeal?

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BELLEFONTE---Jerry Sandusky will likely be in prison for the rest of his life.

That is unless he wins an appeal.

Sandusky said in court Wednesday he is innocent. He spoke out for more than 10 minutes, saying, "In my heart I know I did not do these disgusting acts."

Prosecutors called his speech ridiculous.

"His statement today was a masterpiece, a banal self delusion. Completely untethered from reality. And without any acceptance of responsibility," said prosecutor Joe McGettigan.

Sandusky's attorneys said there will be an appeal.

Attorney, former district attorney and Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski said that appeal will be based on the fact that Judge John Cleland denied a request by the defense for more time to prepare for the trial.

"That's the major issue, it's a legitimate issue, it's not dreamed up, it's not smoke and mirrors. It's a real legitimate issue that's going to cause a headache for appellate courts," said Olszewski.

Olszewski said as a judge in the past, he has granted more time, called a continuance, even when he did not want to, so that there would not be grounds for an appeal.

"By granting one continuance you take this issue away and if that had been done in this case, there would be no issue," said Olszewski.

Whether or not he gets his appeal remains to be seen, but for many who were at Sandusky's sentencing, the fact that he maintains his innocence is hard to bear.

"Frustrating that there wasn't more accountability taken on Mr. Sandusky's part. It just really is a sad thing for the victims," said Cindy Brumbaugh of Bellefonte.

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