Last Minute Preps for Sandusky Sentencing

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BELLEFONTE -- One day before Jerry Sandusky's sentencing, his attorney Joe Amendola left the Centre County correctional facility near Bellefonte after meeting with the former Penn State assistant football coach.

Amendola said Sandusky has been in isolation ever since his conviction in June on 45 counts related to the sexual abuse of children and has been working on what he'll said at sentencing.

"He's innocent, he doesn't feel, we raised this issue many times before the trial, he doesn't feel we had enough time to prepare his defense," said Amendola.

Amendola and prosecutors met with the judge Monday afternoon to discuss the sentencing.

In addition to Sandusky's statement, prosecutors say we can expect to hear from as many as six victims.

"Depends on how they feel and how they respond to the moment," said prosecutor Joe Mcgettigan.

Amendola said Dottie Sandusky and all but one of the couple's adopted children wrote letters supporting Jerry Sandusky.

It will be up to Senior Judge John Cleland to decide how many years Sandusky should serve behind bars, paying for all those times he sexually abused ten boys some on the campus of Penn State university.

"If Jerry doesn't get a new trial he's never going to get out of jail. I can't imagine what kind of sentence he'd get that would give him a shot at parole," said Amendola.

Even though Rockview state prison is located in the State College area near Sandusky's home. There are 25 other state prisons and there's no telling where he may serve out his sentence.

Sandusky's attorney said once sentencing is over, he can file an appeal claiming there was not enough time to prepare a defense in hopes of getting a new trial.