Deadly Shooting in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police in Wilkes-Barre responded to a shooting at Sherman Hills Apartments in Wilkes-Barre.

The call came in around 8 a.m. Friday morning.

Police and U.S. Marshals were on scene at the apartment complex this morning serving a warrant on an attempted homicide suspect out of Philadelphia.

Investigators said the suspect, 29 year-old Robert Montgomery Jr., was staying with his father who lives on the 5th floor of Sherman Hills Apartments.

According to court papers, the suspect's father opened the door for Wilkes-Barre police officer Matt Stash. Stash saw the suspect inside the apartment. That's when the younger Montgomery began firing at police. The suspect was hit several times by police and killed. Montgomery, Sr. was hit in the torso.

Investigators said it was a bullet from the suspect's gun that hit his father. No charges have been filed against Robert Montgomery, Sr. but officials said the investigation is still on going.

Sergeant Stash was hit in the ankle and was not seriously hurt.

The Luzerne County coroner and State Police removed the suspect's body from the high rise around 2:30 p.m. on Friday.

Some people who live in the complex are shaken up.

"I'm pretty scared. I just moved in here. This is the first major incident I've seen. I don't want to be alone at this point," said Jean Bayyoud.

"It's scary especially with kids. It's really, really hard to live here. It's dangerous. I don't even want to be here," said Rebecca Wrobel.

Both Sergeant Stash and Montgomery, Sr. are expected to make a full recovery and are being treated at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital. 

Investigators said all police officers involved have been cleared from any wrongdoing.