Cloth Diapers: A Mission for a Danville Family

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DANVILLE -- Last year, Jona Heise started The Little Bee Company.

She and her husband run the cloth diaper business from their Danville home.

While their three young children sleep, they box up orders.

With recent news about the price of disposable diapers,which is expected to go up significantly, things are busy at the Heise home.

"I've had tons of emails, people with lots of questions that have never cloth diapered before and you know, it's definitely something that has raised awareness," said Jona Heise.

So far, the Heises have sold more than 4,000 diapers, called Bee Changed, through their website,

They ship to all 50 states and some other countries too.

For each diaper they sell, the Heises donate one to a baby in need, in orphanages and medical facilities.

"It started with one facility called 'Serving His Children in Uganda,' and from that it just sort of spread, another organization heard about us and it just multiplied to where we have put diapers in facilities all over the world at this point, Haiti, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Uganda," said Jona Heise.

"I got the privilege to go to Africa just a couple weeks ago, and it was amazing to go in there and to see the facilities and to see the poverty that we saw and just the blessing. As soon as we got in there they said, 'The Bee guys are here!'" said Chad Heise.

The Heises said in their first year using cloth, they saved a thousand dollars.

They are hoping to spread the word about the cost-saving and the health benefits of using cloth.

"One of the biggest things people worry about is taking care of them or the 'ick' factor, and it's really really truly not as bad as you would think. I always say if I can do it, anyone can do it," said Jona Heise.

Jona Heise said the mission of helping babies is need is far more important to her than just selling cloth diapers.