Schuylkill Mall Expanding

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FRACKVILLE -- The Schuylkill Mall near Frackville is expanding. The owners of the mall are joining forces with a theatre company.

Crews are busy working and expanding the theatres at the Schuylkill Mall near Frackville. Mark Clement of King Theatres said the funding is coming from the mall owners and his organization.

"We have an eight screen movie project underway, it's going to be eight screens all stadium seating, state of the art. We're going to have two auditoriums added to it, plus a full service bar," said Clement.

Worker Ren Shontz said the crews are made up of people who specialize in movie theatres.

"We go state to state. Doing various things. I've built new theatres, remodeling is certainly a part of that obviously for competition," said Shontz.

Officials of King Theatres said since they took over the complex two years ago, they've increased attendance 24%.

Mall Manager, Elaine Manevel, said officials hope the new complex attracts even more people.

"There are a lot of things this theatre will have and will keep our customers here at the mall, and once in the mall they'll continue to shop in the mall so we're expecting a turnaround in traffic and sales for our stores on the theatre expansion," said Manevel.

Steve Tucker of Girardville explained he doesn't go out to the movies, but that habit may change.

"I stopped going when they stopped having the drive ins, and yeah, I think now that they're making good movies, I'd come back," said Tucker.

A part of the expansion will be complete by Thanksgiving. The entire project will wrap up next summer.