Parents React To School Shutdown

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SCRANTON -- Getting ready to a make a big adjustment, students who attend Prescott Elementary in Scranton will be moved to another building because of mold and now parents have to deal with the big change.

It’s a familiar sight that won’t be seen for much longer: buses dropping off students at Prescott Elementary in Scranton, parents taking their children to class.

The Scranton School Board voted Monday night to close the school while mold is removed from the building.

Newswatch 16 spoke with Fran Ponko as she brought her grandson Cooper to school.  The kindergarten student has asthma.

“When we found out, we freaked out a little bit, but hopefully, they'll do something to rectify it,” said Ponko.

The school board plans to close Prescott for a clean up at the end of the month. Students will attend class at the former Nativity School on Hemlock Street in southside.

There is another concern among parents, and it deals with what happens after students leave this building.  It concerns students adjusting to their new surroundings.

Amy Petrewski has two children at Prescott.

“We can't get thrown in somewhere.  We need to see it and know where we're going.”

Petrewski favors an orientation, tours of the new school for students and parents.

Dan Bailey has two girls, a kindergarten student and a second grader.  He sees both sides of this, happy to see his daughters out of a potentially dangerous situation, but concerned about the move to Hemlock Street.

“If there's an issue here, then you have to take them someplace safe, so I know it will be a tough transition for the parents.  It's going to be a tough transition for the kids,” said Bailey.

If everything goes according to schedule, students will transition back to Prescott Elementary in February.

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