Purse Snatching Victim Warns Others

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- State Police in Susquehanna County are continuing to search for the man responsible for stealing a purse and sideswiping a car at a supermarket near Montrose.

Victim Laura Watts of Montrose said she was shopping in Price Chopper in Bridgewater Township Monday like usual. While she was stopped in aisle five, a man took her purse out of her cart and started walking away.

"I yelled out stop him, he`s got my purse and next thing I knew I heard people yelling in the front of the store and they were chasing him out of the store," said Watts.

Karen Wolfson was nearby and watched the crime in action. She said the thief kept calm.

"He acted like he had every right to take it and as he passed me I thought to myself, well he didn`t even say I`ll see you at the front of the store or anything. So I said to him, 'Is that your purse?'," said Wolfson.

State Police said the thief, who is believed to be a 20 to 25 years old, got away with cash, credit cards, Watts' ID and iPhone. Watts said three store employees and another shopper chased the purse snatcher before he sideswiped a car as he sped out of the lot.

"I appreciate everything everybody tried to do to stop him on the way out, and I can`t thank them enough, but unfortunately these things happen," said Watts.

Laura said she wants others in her community to know what happened at Price Chopper so they`re more aware of their belongings the next time they go shopping.

"Just be aware of your surroundings. I didn`t see him coming. My back was towards him, and make sure you protect your purse," said Watts.

Price Chopper has several surveillance cameras around the store, and State Police are working to see if anything was caught on camera.

Some witnesses said they'll be taking extra precautions.

"I`ll still shop here, but I`m going to be way more aware of my purse. It could have been me. I certainly leave my purse in the cart and walk away," said Wolfson.

Anyone with information about the purse snatching is asked to contact State Police as they continue to search for who's responsible.