Fun and Games at the Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- There are more than 50 rides and shows at the Bloomsburg Fair, and dozens of games to keep people busy.

The fair has all of the classic rides, including tilt-a-whirl and the ferris wheel, but it also has some new ones for thrill-seekers.

Whether you want to twist, turn and flip upside down, or you want to take it easy, the Bloomsburg Fair has a ride for you.

“I would like to go on the fun slide. That's pretty fun. I also like the swings, they're pretty cool,” said Luke Stauffer of Bloomsburg.

“My favorite rides are this one and that one, the spinner one," said Taylor Difebo of Bloomsburg.

There are more than 50 rides at the fair. All of them are owned by Richard Reithoffer who is originally from Luzerne County. This year he brought some new rides to the fair. One of them is called "speed.”

“Which is 140 feet in the air. It has four passengers on each end. As it spins around you're going 75 miles per hour,” said Richard Reithoffer of Reithoffer Amusements.

Games are also a big part of the Bloomsburg Fair. A lot of people were walking around with prizes.

The busiest game at the fair seemed to be “Uuncle Nick's Candy."

“The games at the fair are really fun. When you win “Uncle Nick's Candy,” you win candy bars so it's really fun,” said Gabriela Howell of Bloomsburg.

There are games for every skill level at the fair, and with some of them you can win a prize every time.